Monday, March 14, 2016

To Make a Multi-Sided Polygon.

This is not Fibonacci numbers.  It is Algorithm 6 to 12.

It could be a good Pattern for a baby blanket, made in 2 ply baby wool,  but we are unable to buy this any longer in our town.  One has to go to Canberra or Sydney or online to buy fine wool.  And this in a country full of sheep!

I got up to 192 stitches and then I ran out of wool.....  I mark each increase row to keep track....

This is mind map of Pattern.
Please click on image to enlarge, or right click to download or save.

 Increase 6 stitches each row 6 times.
Then 6 stitches each row 6 x.
then 12 stitches every second row 6 x.
Then 24 stitches every 4th row 6 x. .........
then 48 stitches every 8th row, 6 x.  etc as per next Table

At 48 rows we have a 24 sided polygon with 288 stitches at circumference,  going on to the next set, a 48 sided per next Table.

I begin with 6 chains, join them and do 6 single crochet,  then continue in spiral, marking end of row with a darker thread eg black.  
Then 6 to 12 ( crochet 2x in each loop.)
Then 12 to 18 ( crochet 2x in every 2nd loop).
Then 18 to 24 ( crochet 2x every 3rd loop ie 3 to 4).
Then 24 to 30 (crochet 2x in every 4th loop ie 4 to 5).
Then 30 to 36 (crochet 2x in every 5th loop ie 5 to 6.)...........36 st. Hexagon.
All 6 x.

A 12 sided polygon at 144 stitches.
please click on image to enlarge it.  right click to download or save.

I have included larger numbers just as an academic exercise to describe the ongoing principles.

***there is more info to add asap.

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