Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parallel Universes.

Considering the clam shapes,
we have tried to work out how to make crochet and knitting Patterns for 1/2 F(n).

One could posit a number of parallel lines of fibonacci derived series,
ie.  Fn,  1/2 Fn,  1/4 Fn,  1/8 Fn,  etc.  next post will list them  I hope.

It amazed me to discover that the Original equation (algorithm) fits all these! 
My dad used to say "Why make it simple when you can make it complicated too".
Fn = 2F(n-2) + F(n-3).
1/2 Fn = 2 x 1/2 F(n-2) + 1/2 F(n-3).
1/4 Fn = 2 x 1/4 F(n-2) +1/4 F(n-3),  etc.
Some numbers have decimal points after them and need rounding off.
the actual algorithm works almost exactly
but one must adjust + or - 1 or 2 etc.
If I'd known this before I might not have tried to find other patterns...

It remains to be seen how the resulting models fall naturally into shape.

A great challenge to make model would be the Cockle Shell, symbol of Shell Oil Company.


It has been serendipitous that a number of books and articles and a dvd to do with parallel universes and black holes and time travel have come my way recently.

Some are in Nexus magazine  see  The Chani Project.
In June July 2011 there is a story of contact with an entity from a parallel dimension.
Scientists from a secret collider facility in South Africa reveal communications from 1994 to 1999.

Traci Harding is a favourite writer .  "The Universe Parallel" is book 2 in the "Being in the Field" series.  her heroine must travel back in time to fix a situation which is needed to avert disaster in the future.
Visit her virtual world via

The dvd of "Nautilus"  has a submarine which travels from future 2100 to past, to change something in order to avert future disaster  eg toxic shock deaths of people etc. 
One wonders if all this is prophetic story telling?
It is said that, in the great scheme of things, everything is as it should be;  in spiritual balance with us.

It might be that entries on this blog become less frequent as life continues in my caravan without electricity.  Winter is ending with the wattles blooming maybe 4 weeks earlier this year.  There is much fixing and gardening to do at my place before I head up to visit Queensland in early September.

Meanwhile I have printed out all the posts of my blog so that I can review and edit my work and hopefully improve the project as time goes on.
If times be troubling may we get to choose calm, so Sayonara for now.
P.S.  24/8/2011
There was a dreadfully funny cartoon in SMH soon after I wrote the last para:-
two guys have placards, one says  STAY CALM.  A mob has trampled them both flat to the ground.  One says "Look out, here they come again".  Is that a cautionary tale?  What else can we do?