Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to make a small Kelp Shell.

Small Kelp Shell.                PATTERN.
Cast on 131 stitches.
Row 1.                  Cast off 5, knit 50, turn, leaving the remainder of stitches on needle.
Row 2.                  Slip 1, purl 50, knit 1.
Row 3.                  Cast off 2, knit 80, turn.
Row 4.                  Slip 1, purl 79, k 2 tog.
Row 5.                  Cast off 1, knit  100, turn.  The above makes a small lip edge of 10 stitches at top of work.
Row 6.                  Slip 1, purl 99, knit 1.
***The beginning of every knit row is the mouth of the mollusc shell.          To make a flared edge, indent 3 stitches.  Ie. At end of purl row. turn, knit 3, turn, slip 1, purl 1, knit 1, turn.  Begin the knit row.
Row 7.                  Work entire row of 121 stitches.    Knit 3, knit twice into 4th stitch,  then  entire row, increase every 4th stitch;                Thus 121 to 151 stitches.
Row 8.                  Knit 1, purl 149, knit 1.   You can do this row in another colour, to mark the 151 row.  I always knit each end of purl rows to stop work curling too much.  You may prefer to just do purl.
Row 9.                  Knit 151.  You can do this in yarn of new colour  or original colour, until the end.
Row 10.                Knit 1, purl 149, knit 1.
Rows thereafter:   Knit entire row, knit 3, knit 2 together,  all along the row
Alternate rows:                purl-  begin and end each row with a knit 1.
Continue, decreasing every knit row, until 1 stitch only remains.
**This makes the hyperbolic fan shape which is typical of this spiral shaped model.
Remember to indent at mouth edge.
Photos describe how to sew up.  Pad with teased out cotton wool as you go.
**in the white model  I knitted 121 stitches in row 7.  Then I changed to green wool to knit increase row in row 8,  thinking it might be easier to sew up if I did this.  Then rows 9 and 10 etc were as above, in white.  The variegated green shell had the same number of stitches, but the yarn was thinner, maybe 2 ply.  I think the white cotton was 3 ply.
I used  gauge 2 (ie 2 mm) knitting needles;  these are size 12 in English. Or size 14 if you wish.
2 or 3 ply cotton for knitting.  There are problems with configuration if you use too bulky a yarn for these small models.  It might be hard to find such yarn these days….

some more later....

sewing up......edge to row 8....more info asap........gathering diagrams etc.  sorry to take so long!

A Discussion Eclectic.

Why have I posted and shared all the previous videos?  Well, it is because there is some connection.

1.  The 4D bottle does look like a seashell, especially with the pearly colouring.   I suspect something funny happens at the tip of the seashell, and along the suture, where it grows.  Some direction and dare I say it, life force, must come,  from astral and spiritual dimensions,  ie 4D, 5D, etc.   They say that our endocrine glands are in same place as the main chakras.  Even seashells have glands in the mantle, doleing out colour pigments etc, exactly and mathematically.
That is why I posted a previous video of the hilarious and wonderful motor protein carrying its load of endorphin  along a microtubule in a cell.   There are many such videos describing what happens biochemically, in colour animation.  I studied biochem in the late 1960s  and much has happened since then!
I also used to talk to an airforce man who was the working in cybernetics in the 1960s.  This topic is gangbusters now!

2.  They have 3D printers,  and are working even on 4D printers.   The Large Hadron Collider is said to be some kind of spiritual (alien, even) technology.   Using ultra small particles, they say (ie Simon Parkes says) they are trying to force a hole into the 4th dimension, the astral.  But Gaia did not permit.  An explosion.   However "they" do not give up.  Japan and China are planning to build similar and bigger,  and who else?........Cindy Kay Currier of "Rise Together"  has a video which  says that the Earth was destroyed in 1996 by the LHC;  we are presently living in a Simulation,  one of an infinite number according to a former NASA artist.  There is a natural Earth,  which is still intact.  What do you think of flat earth stories?  Some very compelling ideas.  Trees made  of silica not carbon, hence all the sand on earth due to their deforestation by "Nephilim"  in ancient times...see Russian named baldmonstrosity, he has videos and much original thinking!!!

3.  I was aztonished to find video on drawing the higher dimensions - video 3.

4.  The video on Simulation is dinkidi science, even mentioning the golden rule 0.61803.... which has something to do with black holes...

5.   The Mesopotamians used base 60 in their calculations.  There was a news clip August 24 2017 about these two mathematician gentlemen from the University of NSW, who cracked the code.  I wonder if there is any connection with the post I made in 2013 "Playing with Pythagoras",  where I followed right angled triangles (triads)  whose sides were square roots of adjacent Fibonacci numbers, leading to my finding a new value for "Phi" = 1.79.......I shall have to study the shape of a Ziggurat to see what I can figure out.....

6.  There are most engaging videos on YouTube, of 2 gentlemen, eg  one is "are you a reincarnated nature spirit?"  All this looking at astral and other dimensions (which are intimately and infinitely connected co-incident with our solid material 3D) makes me think of the elementals.....I haven't shared it.....too much at once....

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How can we Knit a Tall Pointy Seashell?

Insert 18/8/2017
New Photo .   Sewn up;  Pattern needs correction then will be published.

Work is in progress.
Next Photo .   Top LHS piece has 366 stitches at max, with 235 stitches at suture edge.

Smaller one has 151 max, with 121 at suture line.
Same for image 2

Still not good enough to create a proper knitting pattern...........
I am using the rule to increase or decrease every 4th stitch to make it easier.
Series 4 to 5 is- ..., 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27, 33, 41, 51, 63, 78, 97, 121, 151, 188, 235, 293, 366, etc.
(not quite Fibonacci Series......0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, etc.)