Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time Flies! **

Hello everyone!  Long time no post. 
Thank you very much for all your interest, even in faraway Mongolia.

 1  Mention has been made to me of an excellent website for jobseekers.  It is http://www.jooble.org/,  a worldwide network which covers 42 countries, I think.  In Australia it is http://jooble-au.com/.
Please visit this important website and tell your friends.  I know from my own work experience how hard it is to find meaningful work, right livelihood.   ***********************************

2  Today I gladly announce a Brand New Pattern for a Proper Fibonacci Snail!
Here is a preview-  a drawing of a real specimen showing the pattern of whorls.  I measured the top three rings with a bit of string and got 37, 45, 90.  Hello,  this is close to 34,  55,  89;  the Fibonacci Series.  I made quite some attempts to figure out how to do it and will post my findings asap.
The orange lines are 89,  the green is 55, the blue is 34.  The model looks just like this.
The algorithm used was 2n+1 where n=3. 
That is 4 stitches become 7, or 12 (13) stitches become 21.
The maths was given back in April for Vortexes.
I must admit it was a big lesson to me to discover that my pet equation of Fn = 2F(n-2) + F(n-3) is not necessessarily true for all snail shells!  Here is a drawing of a real seashell, Janthina janthina,  and we can see its more intricate design:-

3.   People might like to visit  a really beautiful and knowledgeable website by a real malacologist.  It is http://www.snailstales.blogspot.com/.


4.   October 28, 2011 has been said by some to be the last day of the Mayan Calendar!
(For others it is 21 December, 2012.)  Here is my photo of the sunrise of that morning:-
Rather than being the end of the world we are actually "on our way to becoming multidimensional Beings", according to my favourite Astroflash! on http://www.handclow2012.com/
The September message is absolutely Spot On!  It is  talking about M87, the Super Galactic Centre, 53.5 million light years away,  with 27 galaxies revolving around it, including our own Milky Way on the outer rim.  At its centre is a super massive Black Hole with the mass of 5 billion of our suns!  It is ejecting a jet stream of plasma travelling at 4 times the speed of light, and it extends out 5000 light years and is pointing straight at us. A veritable worm hole extending out into the Universe.
See Astronomy Picture of the Day, August 28, 2011, on www.apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html.

Considering that a Black Hole is a spiral, a vortex, and the ides that on the other side of a black hole is a white hole and a brand new universe, let me posit a crocheted model!   I might be completely wrong as I am not an astrophysicist.  Here goes:-
Maths for vortex was given in posts 28/4/2011.
4 stitches become 7,  or 12 (or 13) stitches become 21.
Here are photos of a black and white model with last row being the Fibonacci number 987.

There are many different possible configurations which I might post later on, but here there is a white spiral and a black spiral.  At the centre is the beginning string.  Right next to it is the outer edge overlapping it as the hyperbola crosses over to the other side.   Is this a peculiar singularity?
At the singularity there is no time and space.  Just atoms kerfoof!  Consciousness must remain, however.  We have been told that the shaman can travel beyond and return us to tell about it.

Each time I see the hyperbolic fan shape, I see how close the ends are to the beginning of the shape, and  I am reminded of the final chapter in the Christian Holy Bible, Revelations 22, where God says "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending."  It also describes Jesus as "the bright and morning star."  It is all very Cosmic!

I heard a scientist say on ABC Radio National's Science Show 12/11/2011 that the Large Hadron Collider under Geneva has been a terrible waste of money.  We can read transcripts on www.abc.net.au/rn/science show 12/11.   I've read that this collider creates black holes.  Who cares?  There seems to be some unspoken agenda;  maybe it needs to happen to teach us something.... I don't know.  Forcing things doesn't sound too good to me.  I'd rather we spend such colossal money on taking care of Mother Earth,  Gaia.


5   Finally, on a lighter note, allow me to share an mazing story I heard on ABC radio national's Bush Telegraph.  You can check it out online also for photos of her knits.  www.abc.net.au/rn/bushtelegraph   look for November 8, 2012.
Mrs E, Roth is a Canadian artist living in Australia.  Evelyn does with fur what Helle does with plastic shopping bags,  that is she makes yarn for crochet or knitting.  She uses, rabbit, fox, wolf, raccon fur;  skins are tanned with a home tanning kit.  Then she cuts around the edge with a sharp razor blade to make a long strip, even 5 metres long!  She makes her own thick wood dowelling knitting needles, or she makes them from strong thistle stems covered with papier mache.  Wolf skin makes a nice fur hat.  She has one 10 years old.  When any patches become bald one can glue on some fluffy feathers.  White rabbit plus sequin thread makes an elegant evening stole.  Coats, blankets can be made.  In Australia could we use feral cat, feral dog or camel,  or kangaroo?
Another idea Evelyn had was to crochet a cover for her water tank or a support for sweet peas....  use 3 or 4 spools of old video cassette tape all at once, and use the entire hand or fist to crochet it!  She has her own website http://www.evelynroth.com/ .  There are even some huge molluscs she has made!
  What a wonderful world we live in!  I am so grateful.....