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Refinding Phi, Part 4. The Giza Pyramid.

see  old post,  1/7/2013,  "Angles for Giza Pyramid". 

Phi and Giza angles   13/8/013

The diagram for Giza Pyramid is redrawn as follows to show  ideas behind angles.  Dimensions are in Royal Cubits as given in Wikipedia.  Previous blog posts had calculations in April 17, 24, 2011 and July 1, 2013.

1.    Concerning 42o.

The Fibonacci angle 137.5o is well known.  42 is very close to 42.5 which is the acute angle for 180o – 137.5o.  Can this make for resonance, a subject which I am trying to understand?   Imagine lines extending out beyond the pyramid’s diagonals.  Each outside angle is 138o, so close to 137.5o which comes from 360o - Phi.    We don’t know how thick the walls are at base- would it make any difference?

2.   Concerning 51o 51.

This is said to be Kepler’s triangle.

It looks close to 45o and indeed if the base square were to be made a circle the same radius as the pyramid height it would form a cone and the angle would be 45o.  Reminds me of a giant stethoscope for listening to Mother Earth’s heartbeat. 

3.   Concerning 58o 17.

This is perilously close to 60o,  a perfect isosceles triangle.

 It is exactly the angle for a triangle where the trig of natural tangent is 1.618033….  356 / 220  =  89 /55!  It is Phi.

The ancients had incredible knowledge!


References    The knowledge is vast.  On pyramids, Fibonacci,

slope 51.85331834…..,           360o / 7 = 51.42857142857….   most astonishing scholarly work of foremost Egyptologists…..203 courses of masonry, the 35th is particularly thick, at 0.2 of total height and 0.8 of base circumference….the square root of phi is significant = 1.27101965…....altitude at meridian was 11o 08 in 10450BC and will be 58o 11 in 2550AD……   much knowledge…..telepathy not cellphones…will be switched on….the pulsed heartbeat of planetary resonance…. Resonance patterns from all points of pyramid……(also orbs…..sculpture)….a book called “Phi” which one can read free online…    mystic places…. the great pyramid….coral castle....pyramids in China including the Great White Pyramid….Chichen Itza….

“Spiritual Gardening at its Best” by Don Elwood who is a Reiki Master.  You can buy his spiritualised  seeds online.  The Mexico Indians of the desert sang to their corn to bring in the spirit, Navoti.  Don gave Reiki energy to his seeds and experimented with putting them in a pyramid shape;  one third of the way up is the “fire point” and is equivalent to the King’s Chamber in Giza Pyramid.  It is thanks to Mr Elwood that I learned about “circling the square” of the base of the pyramid,  as in my diagram* above.  He wrote about the Fibonacci series also, and that was years ago;  we both had read “Secrets of the Soil”.
* diagram has been added.

There are more references, to be added as soon as possible.
 INSERT     **6/7/2015------- A Very Exciting Video on YouTube!
 "The Hidden Secrets of  the Great Pyramid's Construction Uncovered."

uploaded by LEXXTEX - 293  August 28, 2012

French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin intuited that the stones were added via AN INTERNAL RAMP.
He undertook studies on his own accord,  and later met up with New York Egyptologist Bob Brier who travelled with him to Giza and they followed through M.Houdin's ideas to test and verify, and film them.
In 1986 French engineers took thousands of microgravimetric measurements which showed zones of significant sub density.At France's MIT,  M. Houdin was shown drawings of  square spiral shape  of 7 degrees slope inside the Giza Pyramid which corresponded to the 15% missing space inside the Pyramid.  The French engineers did not know what to make of it-  but M. Houdin immediately knew.

And I flashed onto my own square spiral= this Playing with Pythagoras!  
My Post of 27 Nov 2013.
(**This insert has been put in to that post also.)
 It may be possible for me to contact M. Houdin on his website or Facebook  and venture to ask him if there is any good correlation....

At 42:34 minutes  find   --- Scientific 3D Software made a simulated 3D model of Khufu.
This is entirely magical science and most beautiful final to the story-
I could write more about it from my notes-  but best for people to see for yourselves.

 There will  always be something more... for example--- why?  Maybe aliens can tell us....?

Another video fortuitously found video is Unsolved Mysteries.
The Secret of Easter Island.  by Blue Globe.  Sept 1, 2014

The Statues walked!  With the help of 3 teams of people with ropes attached to the statue.
 Slope of roads from Quarry were 3 degrees uphill and max 6 degrees downhill!  12 miles.
At 45: 20 minutes,  and I promise you, the whole story is just as fascinating as the Giza pyramid story.


Refinding Phi, Part 3.

Continuing on from the end of the last post:-


The Ratio seems to Plateau out around F33/F34.

at  1.618933988749894........
 correction  1.618033988749894
Additional,  7/7/2013:-
The known value of Phi, to 50 decimal places is
1.61803 39887 49894 84820 45868 34365 63811 77203 09179 80576…….
Or  1.618 033 988 749 894 848 204 586 8………
We were given, in the  “Kind Advice” of  recent post,   
 36   =  33385281.999 999 970 046 681 049 451 6…….  
(22 decimal places).
The 36th root of 33385281.999 999 970 046 681 049 451 6
  =  1.618 033 988 749 894 848 204 586 8…..
Which is exactly the known value.
1/∅36 = ∅-36    =  0.000 000 029 953 318 950 548 355 3…..
Adding   36   and  -36    
=   33 385 281 .999 999 999 999 999 999 999 95 53…..
Which is almost 33 385 282, an integer.
We were given that Phi4 is  6.854 101 966 25………    
 (11 decimal places)
And Phi-4 is 0.145 898 033 375
Adding them together = 7, an integer.
If we work out, with Scientific Calculator, 
The 4th root of 6.85410196625  = 1.618 033 988 749 913 5
Then that is possibly the value of which was used.
 try  Phi4 using the known value    =
6.854 101 966 249 684 544 613 759 920 8
(I wonder how different in accuracy the various calculators are
-there might be some rounding off of answers.....)

Refinding Phi, Part 2.


The previous post has a Graph whose Pattern reminds me somehow of the Profile of a splash ripple.   I could not discuss further in the last post because the space to do any more not there.
There is an old post of mine, "The Tip of a Drop",  in April 2011,  with discussion.

I have always said that there is something funny going on between 0 and 1.
Maybe that is why homeopathy is effective!?  The bucket chemists would not agree.
My feeling is that subtle chemistry and physics is where it is at.   Vacuum energy, etc.
1/0  =  kapow!
It could be that there is a connection with the structure of a torus.  Just guessing.
 I lie awake trying to visualise how it goes, but I do not get pictures
( tho during Primal Therapy in 1975 I did get photographic images!). 
There is a YouTube video describing the Torus
and NassimHaramein has YouTube talks on this subject.
I tried to crochet a torus.......more of this later......
The Sunflower maybe  has the Pattern of a Torus-  all those seeds coming from the centre
and spreading out.....geometry was published 12/12/2012.

There was a lot to say in Post of 12/12/2012, "Our Place in the Universe",  and thereabouts.
The Cosmic Ouroborus".  10 to the Power -33 and all that Planck data.....

Here we go with more Phi data.  My old tables only went to 8 digits on my calculator,  so this is new.
After this Table I will have to go to the next post, Part 3.  Space seems to run out these days....

Refinding Phi, Part 1.

This is a continuation of a similar recent post (5/4/2013)..
The definition of Phi that I know is that
 the Golden Mean or Golden Ratio
is found by calculating
one Fibonacci number divided by the previous Fibonacci number.
That is,  Phi  =  F(n) / F(n-1).
 Let us see what this looks like:-

So far,  they are all a little bit different.  
What is evident is that one Phi = 1 + 1 / another Phi ,  and it is exact.

Moreover,  all can be described in a Graph:-