Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Pink Seashell, Part 4 **

Continuing from previous post:-

This diagram above says it all.  The measurements can be used as a Pattern.  Make it as 2 stitches and 2 rows to a cm,  or 3 stitches ans 3 rows to the cm for a larger model.  This one was 2x.  So a 3cm spine was 6 rows...The spiral suture is 89 ( close to 100)........ 4 ply equivalent cotton ( or whatever you like).  size 2 crochet hook.
 Use the algorithm 4 to 5.  ie.  work once in 3 stiches then 2 x in the 4th stitch.
single crochet stitch.  ie  hook into loop, yarn around hook, pull through loop, yarn around hook, pull all stitches through.
Please see post of 26 Dec 2014 for "Information for US and UK crocheters".
Terms vary.  Australia is same as UK instructions.

***Please click on images to see  it more clearly


How to make spines.
The largest one is 2 x 6 stitches picked up along slit,  decrease 1 stitch each of 6 rows to have a hole of 6 stitches at the top.
Proportionately made for the others.

a 3x model would have 9 rows = a longer spine.
151 stitches at max  circumference
 and say 97 at suture might make a better taller spire

This image shows the top area above the spiny row.  inside top tip should be made in thinner yarn eg 3 ply  as per diagram.
This whole model took 3 days to make mainly because it had to be completely undone and redone many times to get it to be ok!

Use cotton (an old sheet) fabric or calico or whatever.
Make a fan shape like above,  same size.
Fold in half, stitch to try to make snail body.  pad lightly
Two points make "eyes".  We can improve on this later.

Sew crochet work up the suture spiral, from the top down, with a kind of backstitch.
It might look inverted.  Pulling  on the tip brings the spire up higher!


The actual model looked too short, so I snipped off the base,  and added extra rows.


More 19/9/2015
My friend Penny arrived with a box of lovely Seashells, and amongst them were two of this type.  Looking closely I could see that the growth up the spines was in the form of a surge, not circular:-

Therefore the crochet pattern will need to be modified (one day).