Monday, March 19, 2012

On the Trail of the Fibonacci Snail **

This time I thought I had it right!  Then realised I had made it back to front.  So I stitched it inside out to make a correct right hand spiral.  It looks quite nice and I gave it away to a new friend as a gift.  Hello Kay!  The work took all of one afternoon and the next morning.  Meanwhile the garden outside is crying out to be weeded and the termites are attacking,  even eating some Resurgence magazines.  Yikes!  And so it will be another time when I can publish a proper knitting and crochet pattern.  Photos show the story so far:-

For the large snail,  pink is 89,  green is 144,  brown is 233,  purple is 55.
For the small snail it is white is 34,  purple is 55,  pink is 89.

Another one.  I tried to make a pointy shell where the central colmn is 9 times taller than the mouth radius.  It sewed  nicely up to the middle and then was impossible:  too bulky.  So next time there will be a fine thread section.  Yellow is 233,  grey is 144:-

Update,   Insert      22/8/2014
The previous model was a disaster.  
There is a new way of sewing this up!  And it looks heaps better.     .......
Plus,   the final row was added to,   using 0.75 mm crochet hook -
 a tighter row has the effect of gathering the loose shape into a neater edge.

Here we are!  
1.    loosely wrapping the shape to see how it might fit.  Begin from the very tip down,  back stitching so as to make a half turn of the piece much like a kind of Moebius strip,  gradually stitching easing it down to make a wider top side edge,  if you can understand what that means.....not easy to explain,     sorry.

2.  The inner side was originallymade thinner than the outer edge,  but it was still too bulky.
This time the thin area at left hand side top is tightly stitched to the very tip in a spiral,  then the space is increased between the top and bottom of the model's upper area..

3.  Padding was inserted as the model was stitched up,  not after.

4.  This is mentioned in a later post-   "the yellow and white model"  of 22/8/2014.

Fixed at last,     and looking more like a Real shell

Back to 19/3/2012:-
And then.  I made another one with the finely knitted section ok, as shown.
But the collar was too wide!  Next try will be more fine tuned.  The lip edge of collar will be wide and the inner apex will be extremely somehow the long tab at the end wasn't needed.....

Addition 5/5/2013    The following shows there to be mistake in the Pattern.
The top outside of the shell is hard, while the internal spiral column might be paper thin.
Further work is shown in post of 5/5/2010    

****22/8/2014------------  It could be restitched too!