Friday, January 29, 2016

Variation on Ripples, and 7920.

Outside is 12 x 12 = 144
with a plain row in between each increase crochet row.
Begin with 6 then make 12
Make 2x each of 12 loops, makes 24
1 plain row
Then crochet 1, crochet 2x in next loop, x 12  makes 36
1 plain row
Crochet 2, crochet 2x in next loop, times 12 makes 48
1plain row
Build up to 144 in same way....
12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, `108, 120, 132, 144.    ......24 rows  ETC.

Notice,  dark yarn marks end of row.  one stitch is white to begin new row due to shape of crochet loops.  Click on images to enlarge them.
If you use 3 ply baby wool and contrasting colours you get a good model  and not too costly if you want to make it really big,  just continuing the algorithm as above
My model would have looked better if a strong colour had been used rather than the variegated green.

It is the same if you increase  6 times each row,  ie   6, 12, 18, 21, 24, 30, 36,        even up to 600 or 792  or 7920....!
Insert 31/1/2016
Please click on image to see it better.
Then right click to save, or download or print.

It is Pattern to make a 12 sided polygon of any size

1 plain row between each increase row.

This is the simplest.
6 sided polygon.
no plain rows between each row.

Just for fun I input up to 7920......

There is another Variation
where  we begin with 12 sided polygon then make it to 24 sides polygon then 48 sides, then 96 sides....
half done ,  just needs working out widths to make it a flat circular shape......


What is this about 7920?
Thanks to an article by Anthony Morris in the June/July 2015 issue of Nexus Magazine, on pages 51 to 55, +.   "The Numerical Universe",  7920 is featured as a number which turns up in the Universe in many ways.   eg.  the Diameter of the Earth is 7920 miles.  Glastonbury,  Stonehenge,  Giza Pyramid,  etc..    See

Cover shows an ancient Australian Aboriginal Stonehenge;  story is inside......

My interest is the Fibonacci Series.  Is there any connection with 7920?
Indeed     7920 = 144 x 55

Now I can make a new model of Ripples,
 for we  have an Equation
F(n) = 2F(n-2) + F(n-3)
so 7920 = (2 x 55) + 34,  all x 55
or  7920 = (2 x 21) + 13, all x 144.
I have made 2 Diagrams which describe 
the Pattern we use to crochet from 144 onwards....
to be added asap...

This is what it looks like:-  = to be continued....
The last green row is 288;      enough done;   
diagrams now posted 31/1 are to describe imaginary ripples.
The next increase would be 432 then 720,  etc......

More 31/1/2016

What is this?   Knitting  of this set of numbers ....fine sewing machine follow


please click on image to enlarge it.
What is this?   A"vortex"  up to 7920 circumference,  sides 7920.
We made a model in  Dec 2015, dark green crochet, to 72 stitches.
This is 110 times bigger;  just for fun;  an imaginary form.
Nature might make shapes like this..........
I have been given permission to quote Mr Anthony Morris from his Nexus articles, mentioned above:-

Extracts, with permission  from author Anthony Morris,
 from  “The Numerical Universe”,  Order in Chaos. 
Published in Nexus Magazine JuneJuly 2015 pp 51 – 55
“Life is the result of an inherent numerical, geometric, musical and cosmological template that has pervaded the Universe since its inception.  Ancient metrology systems, megaliths and even DNA have resonance with this template.”
He uses “modular arithmetic, exclusively using Mod 9, to uncover the inherent order that exists in everything from prime numbers to the Fibonacci sequence and, in fact, to every important natural integer sequence.”
“Reality is created by an infinite fractal expansion of prime numbers that creates a grid, much like a spider that spins its web.”…………eg Ulam Spiral……
P 54   DNA and Amino Acids – the Game of Life, Unpacked….
…”a fresh look at the group of 20 amino acids common to all biology – plant, animal and human.
the number of protons and neutrons utilised by the entire “Game of Amino Acids”, and required for all life to be perpetuated, totals exactly 7920……..
A T / C G    adenosine, thiamine, cytosine, guanine     4 x 4 x 4 = 64
Ie  each of amino acids, 4 bases, any 3 of which can define the codon for any one of the Amino acids.
“Not a single hydrogen atom nor even a single proton or neutron can be omitted or displaced without the entire numerical, geometric and musical perfection of the structure being lost completely.”

John Mitchell’s “Dimensions of Paradise” are, regarding the Holy City,  in Revelations 21,
12 furlongs = 7920 feet
and 14400 cubits = 24883.2 feet.   1 cubit = 1.728 ft.  1 furlong = 660 ft.

….A square of 12 furlongs contains a circle of 14400 cubits circumference….

The diameter of the Earth is some 7920 miles and its circumference through the Poles is 24883.2 miles……….thus, the dimensions of the New Jerusalem forms a plan of the earth…..

My discussion:-
1.     Indeed the biochemistry of life accounts accurately for every photon and ATP molecule,  every electron.   See textbooks for Photosynthesis Cycle,  Krebs Cycle, etc.
My worry is that the chemtrails in the sky ( today it is thick white powder masses and trails of maybe coal fly ash with "additives"  of unknown identity eg nano aluminium and barium)...._these chemicals might be the "asbestos" of the future, interfering with our human biochemistry and with that of plants and animals.   Indeed the hormone disrupting chemicals prevalent are designed to make us sick!
It is not right that somebody is spoiling our world - and permission has not been given for this.

2.     The author of "Dimensions of Paradise"
gives measurements of 12 furlongs and 14400 cubits.

BUT  when one goes and actually reads the Bible   we find it says the opposite,  Revelations 21-
it is actually 12000 furlongs and 144 cubits! 

Did the hand then of the ancient scribe shake?  Is there a mistake in the Bible?  Was it put there intentionally to make us think critically?  
Or did the author of "Dimensons of Paradise" make a mistake, a fortuitous and beautiful intuition ?

In both situations the number 7920 figures.
I shall explore this in the next post,  with more Thoughts.

I think well of the Siberian Wisewoman, Anastasia, saying in "Co-Creation", Book 4 of The Ringing Cedars Series:-  page 14.
"Inside each one of us a warm heart abides.  Oh!  If only each one of us could open it wide to everything!  All reality could then be transmuted into a magnificent pristine garden."

My own feeling is to try to make this my spiritual practice.  To include the bad as well as the good.  March 11, 12, 13  was global meditation for Mother Earth;  focus in New Delhi, in Mother India,  with millions of people joining at noon each day.  See www....i  need to check up info......
Please see James Twyman, Peace Troubadour, on Facebook or on his website.

The Earth's Design was that of a Magnificent Pristine Garden.
It is our birthright and we have the right to reclaim it if we have the inner passion.