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To Make a Multi-Sided Polygon.

This is not Fibonacci numbers.  It is Algorithm 6 to 12.

It could be a good Pattern for a baby blanket, made in 2 ply baby wool,  but we are unable to buy this any longer in our town.  One has to go to Canberra or Sydney or online to buy fine wool.  And this in a country full of sheep!

I got up to 192 stitches and then I ran out of wool.....  I mark each increase row to keep track....

This is mind map of Pattern.
Please click on image to enlarge, or right click to download or save.

 Increase 6 stitches each row 6 times.
Then 6 stitches each row 6 x.
then 12 stitches every second row 6 x.
Then 24 stitches every 4th row 6 x. .........
then 48 stitches every 8th row, 6 x.  etc as per next Table

At 48 rows we have a 24 sided polygon with 288 stitches at circumference,  going on to the next set, a 48 sided per next Table.

I begin with 6 chains, join them and do 6 single crochet,  then continue in spiral, marking end of row with a darker thread eg black.  
Then 6 to 12 ( crochet 2x in each loop.)
Then 12 to 18 ( crochet 2x in every 2nd loop).
Then 18 to 24 ( crochet 2x every 3rd loop ie 3 to 4).
Then 24 to 30 (crochet 2x in every 4th loop ie 4 to 5).
Then 30 to 36 (crochet 2x in every 5th loop ie 5 to 6.)...........36 st. Hexagon.
All 6 x.

A 12 sided polygon at 144 stitches.
please click on image to enlarge it.  right click to download or save.

I have included larger numbers just as an academic exercise to describe the ongoing principles.

***there is more info to add asap.

The Holy City, New Jerusalem, and 7920.

At the end of the previous post I mentioned Revelations 21 in the Bible.
***I added more today to previous post.
Here is my drawing of the Holy City,  New Jerusalem:-

Please click on image to see more clearly.

Please see Insert 1/9/2016
My Mistake!
Correction is:-
12000 x 660 = 7,920,000 ft
=1500 miles, 
Cube this, in pure diamond.

Revelations 21.
V 1.        And I saw a new heaven and a new earth…there was no more sea…..
V 2          New Jerusalem came down from God out of heaven
V 4          God shall wipe away all tears,  …no more death, neither shall sorrow nor crying neither…any more pain
V 5          I make all things new
V 6          It is done.  I am Alpha and Omega
V 9          an angel
V 10       he carried me away in spirit to a great and high mountain….showed me.. Holy Jerusalem
V 12       Having the Glory of God and her light even like unto a stone most precious…jasper…clear as crystal
V 23       the city had no need of the sun, nor moon…the Glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the Light thereof
V 25       the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day …no night there
Chaper 22
V 1          the river of life
v.2          the tree of life…12 fruits
v 3          the Throne
v 7          Behold, I come quickly
v 16        Jesus is the bright and morning star

v 15        for without there are sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers….

Holy Bible,   Revelations 21
V 16       The City… hath foursquare…… the length and breadth and the height of it are equal…………measured by the angel………12000 furlongs
V 12       the City had a wall great and high and had 12 Gates, and at the gates 12 angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the 12 tribes of I srael      …(pearly gates)
V14        the wall of the city had 12 foundations and in them the names of the 12 apostles of the Lamb.
V 17       the wall thereof is 144 cubits
V 18       wall is of jasper and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.
V 19, 20                wall has foundations of precious stone garnished with all manner of precious stones      1 is of jasper,  2 is of sapphire,  3 is of chalcedony, 4 is of emerald,  5 is of sardonyx,  6 is of sardius,  7 is of chrysolite,  8 is of beryl,  9 is of topaz,  10 is of a chrysophrase,  11 is of a jacinth,  12 is an amethyst.       Each layer is accorded to a disciple of Jesus
The City
12000 furlongs = 12000 x 660 ft = 79200000 ft  *****1/9/2016 Correction---it is 7920000ft
= 15000 miles = 24135 Km                                   *****          1500miles! =2413.5Km
12 pearly gates – 1250 miles between each  no  it is 125 miles..........


***Maybe the city is a 12 sided polygon?!  Or it could be a Dome-  h = w = l.
The Wall
Measures 144 cubits 
144 x 1.728 = 248.832 feet  = 82.944 yds = 75.84399 metres
If the wall were a circle, the radius = 39.60401 ft
Thus Diameter is 79.20802 ft

 Tables of Measurements ( from back of an exercise book)
1 link = 7.92 inches
1 chain = 22 yards = 4 rods = 100 links
1 rod/pole/perch = 25 links = 198 inches
10 chains = 40 rods = 1000 links = 7920 inches = 1 furlong
10 chains = 220 yards = 660 feet = 1 furlong
1 ft = 12 inches = 30.48 cm
1 yard = 3 ft
1 mile = 1760 yards = 5280 feet = 1.609 Km

Wikipedia says 1 cubit is 523 to 525 mm   or 20.6 to 20.64 inches
 ie measures elbow to fingertip
The article uses 1 cubit = 1.728 feet  = 52.6694 cm
Use Free Online Scientific Calculator
My own earlier calculations for Giza Pyramid was 1 Royal Cubit = 524 mm
Biomathcraft, June 13,  2013

find info on cubits here.  
I intend to write more on topic of cubits and old King Solomon's Temple.

Discussion.  NOTE INSERT;  MY MISTAKE.......dimension is 1500 miles.
This makes for an enormous city!  15000 miles. 79,200,000ft  Is that perimeter or just one side?
How can the height be the same as width and breadth?
And the wall is relatively tiny!  76 it square or circular in which case its diameter is 79.20802 ft?  Does this mean there are two different walls in Revelations 21?

INSERT 1/9/2016
I have made a mistake!
The dimension for the Holy City is 1500 miles, ie 7,920,000 ft   A CUBE  
The wall is 72 yards thick,  all the way up, 1500 miles!
Souls travel up and down as well as horizontally along levels.
See www.    blog  Grace to You
The Capital City of Heaven Part 1 Jan 29, 1995.  Part 2 Feb 5, 1995
Sermons by Minister
who has set me straight!  His calculations are 1500 miles, cubed, for the Holy City.
So I checked my own calculations.........I was wrong!

For comparison:-
The distance Perth to Sydney is 2511 miles,  4042 Km..
Earth's diameter is 8000 miles,  12,756 Km


also  I was alerted by:-

A science fiction novel by Arthur C Clarke said the Holy City was a CUBE.
Also David Icke in YouTube video "Saturn isn't what you think it is, Either",
describes the white hexagon atop Saturn.  If you draw 3 lines from centre of hexagon to alternate points, you get what looks like a cube!  David said also that the Holy City Jerusalem , was a cube.
So I searched online, and certainly, there are many reports by people who have studied this.
Amazing how the Universe helps us by corroborating the facts or correcting us.!!!

(original text:-)
All this makes me think of YouTube.  We have at our fingertips much modern information.  Regarding floating cities "coming out of Heaven" --- there was a story in Nexus magazine of a village in Africa where all the people saw a huge floating city above them!
On YouTube  go and see Al Bielek, physicist, a survivor of the Montauk Project. 
 He traveled to the future;  military secret projects.  The Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 created a Rift in time 1933. In 1983 a Creature born of peoples'anger and anxiety about Montauk trashed the base under Long Island.
Al Bielek describes Two episodes - once to 2137- two men jumped ship (USS Eldrich)  suffered radiation burns ;  were in a hospital for 6 weeks in 2137!
Then from 2749AD to 2751AD.  He actually spent time there, learning a lot.  
They had Floating Cities, 2200 storeys high, with every 300th floor an antigravity platform.  
The Project was begun in 2600AD by the Wingmakers but collapsed in 2900AD.  Everything was done for the people by robots and computers,  but humans need some incentive and there was none, hence the eventual collapse.  We can learn a lesson from this.  Montauk was useful for this!
We can calculate the height of such cities;  say each storey is 3 metres,  thus 6600 metres or 19800 ft = about 30 furlongs....

I have been coming across the Wingmakers a number of times now.  First was in my other blog,  to do wit WW2 pilots seeing beings called Wingmakers who told them (both Allies and Germans) it was wrong to drop bombs.  
Seems like Wingmakers were some kind of ancient creator gods who had an ancient AI enemy.  They seemed to be the genetic caretakers of the universe.

Now it is also Stuart Swerdlow, another Montauk survivor, on YouTube mentions Wingmakers come from 600 years in the future to warn us about evil government.  In 1990 some hikers in New Mexico found a cave -  there was a series of 23 chambers with art on the walls;  some meaning in these...NSA took over;  tried to decipher;  it sounded as if the govt might have corrupted this or planted art and music.......  

What's more-  Arthur C Clarke wrote "3001", published in 1997,  and I am rereading it.  
Sky City was home to many humans in 3001.  It was made of four linked Towers 36,000km above the equator, high up in space, in geostationary orbit.  I guess it was made of nanocarbon or graphene...The Towers were named Africa, Asia, America, Pacifica (not yet completed)........... Elevator moved at about 100km/hr..(p64)     also pp 65,  101.
A Skylounge was at 200km.  An Aviary was where one could don wings and fly.  The instructor was called a wingmaker....but he was human....People lived on Earth also;  one could visit and be greeted by a baby elephant, but gravity pressure was too great for Tower dwellers.
Jupiter had exploded and become a second sun, Lucifer.  Some humans set up home on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.   Amazing science fiction story.  One wonders how prophetic it might be. 
A series of sequels were written after "2001".

There is a story about a robot with AI based on mind of writer  ...Philip. K.Dick.....the robot speaks of making zoos for humans to live in!

We hear about Killer robots.  You can be sure military is making such somewhere even tho countries met to agree not to make them......
I haven't read this book yet by Calum Chase.  It is certainly a topic of the times.

References:-  Alfred  Labrement Webre,  David Wilcock, Michael Tellinger,  Mary Rodwell,  Simon Parkes,  Linda Moulton Howe,  Peter Slattery,  Sgt Daniel Brad McBolen,

Humans are capable of great things, good things, Divine matters.   We just need to heal ourselves of our traumas  and we need to discourage the dumbing down of our species that is being enforced on us as if we are dumdums.  We are more than we know.  And we can imagine a Radiant Future.
 Isobel Carmody's last book of the Obernewtyn Series,  "The Red Queen" certainly brings us through great heartbreak to a new Beginning.  And it includes computers.