Thursday, October 25, 2012

Errors Galore! And a Beautiful Solution

There was some problem with my gwt.xml module file on blogger and an error message kept coming up.  Fortunately, the specialist computer repair men fixed my laptop.
There was some IT incompatibility with new Internet Explorer.
They loaded Google Chrome correctly, with icon.
I had tried to do it myself and it crashed by itself, it is ok,  thanks, guys!

I found a big mistake in an early post, "Beyond Zero", to do with negative powers of 10.
Between 0 and 1 is half the entire Universe, including the realm of spirit.
 I plan to explore this theme when I can.
 I've just come back from Queensland and am now busy on my land.
With the warm weather and a bit  of rain there is huge growth of grass,  and snake(s)....
Look up the Cosmic Ouroboros picture, by Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack of Yale University.
It all connects!   Snakes and the Cosmos.
Actually the book is "The New Universe and the Human Future: How a Shared Cosmology Could Transform the World".
 Resurgence magazine has an article on pages 36 to 41 of the July/August 2012 issue.
You might find on YouTube some videos of Nancy speaking.


To celebrate the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21 Dec 2012 (and to defuse those
holocaust images)  I have planted 30 native trees, mainly Wattles-  silver, varnish, hickory wattles, etc.

Here is the beautiful solution:-

To further imagine our planet as surviving, may I share a valuable website
This is an initiative of a Maori lady, Dr Erena, married to a Swedish man.
Her full name means "hopping, flying, peace angel".
She is the Author of "Mother Earth's Declaration" to humans;
you can print the 2 pages off easily;  just press control and P together
Dr Erena asks us to read and read it and to find deeper and deeper layers of meaning.
 It took a day and a night of deep listening for her to hear it all and to write it down.

One sentence is apropos to the themes of this blog:-

"6.   Mother Earth declares that , you humanity, use square, linear, circular shapes and designs in your way of thinking.  Such thought factors are a stress factor, to the natural ecological patterns of Mother Earth, because these patterns separate and eventually stop the flow of life.  Mother Earth challenges you, humanity to learn to follow the designs of her nature.  Human pollution is not the result of what we use or do, it is mostly, caused by how we think."

(...what if the design is...hyperbolic!?)

 Dr Erena says that We can help Mother Nature, by saying out loud every day,
"I love you, Love.  I love you, Life.  I love you, Mother Earth."
That is all she is asking us to do.


 There are many errors in the care we give to our planet.
 One Australian writer, Eleanor Dark, said of the Land---
".....he saw them saying to the land, "Give! Give!" ....
and in her inviolable way   She will not Give until they cease to Rob. "

I have written some pieces on my other two blogs;  we  need to find new stories to save our world.
Maybe the children will show us, though many are stressed by the difficulties of life.  Siberian Wisewoman Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars Series  tells stories of a little girl making friends with the bacteria and fungi and asking them to clean up the ugly radioactive pollution etc.
And it can happen!  Imagination is good Power.

I just finished reading Sue Woolfe's "The Oldest Song in the World"  in which a young linguist lady goes to an Alice Springs Aboriginal Community to record the Oldest Song only known to one surviving old lady.  In the process she finds out about her own self.  Now I have on library loan her "Leaning Towards Infinity", about her mother who was an unknown mathematical genius.
There is another book I'd love to read, "Perfect Rigour" by Masha Gesson in 2009, about a modern Russian Mathematical genius, Grigory Perelman, who solved The Poincare Conjecture and refused the  $1 million Millennium Prize because  'mathematics is reward enough in itself".

 I am here in a cafe before taking taxi home to my caravan without electricity......  I do hope that when urgent work on my land is done then I can write up a lot of this biomathcraft with more models and pictures, and to do it with care, not hurry.

 I think I might call my land "Alloha",  because then I can go out in the mornings and say "Hallo, Alloha!"