Friday, August 23, 2013

Phi and the Square Root of 5.

Phi equals the square root of 5, plus 1, all divided by 2.

In Wikipedia and in Dr Ron Knott's website and in other places one sees this equation.
 I wondered WHY it was so.  No-one seemed to be able to really explain it,

So I looked at it,  and looked at it, and worked around it,
and came to an idea that may explain why.......

It really works out to 1.618033.......etc.  Absolutely astounding,  and it was known in the time of Plato, apparently.

It only works when sides are 1 and 2 and hypotenuse is square root of 5
=  1.618033.........

Otherwise the golden relationship gives a different but consistent value.

*****  Even 1 / phi =  Sq root of hyp -(minus) adjacent, all divided by  opposite.

Please click on images to enlarge them and be able to read them properly.  Thank you.

What does it all mean?  I have absolutely no idea.
It looks as if "Phi"  plateaus out at 1.793 604.......
who knows what it looks like at much higher numbers.

You can use this relationship where the square root of the hypotenuse is F(n+2) plus the adjacent side F(n) divided by the opposite side equals "Phi".
When the values are square root of 5    plus  1   divided by 2   the result is 1.61803........
otherwise the anatomy of "phi"  goes to 1.793604......

Please see "Anatomy of Phi" graph in previous post,  Refinding Phi Part 1,  6/13/2013

I have found out that you can type the symbol for Phi, using character map.  Go to Start, all programs (or run), accessories, system tools and then character map,  where one then clicks on font needed, select, copy,  then go to Windows document.....edit....paste.  However sometimes it does not work when pasted on my blog.   I need to type it all out, print then scan it and use the result as an Image.   As above.

*******There is a great story by Sugata Mitra on You Tube or Ted Talks on
regarding his million dollar idea for the "School in the Clouds".  He put a computer in a hole in the wall in a slum street in India,  and waited and watched (remotely).  Some time later he spoke with the children there.  They had taught themselves English, using character map!  Plus they said they'd like a better processor and a mouse!  The children taught each other!  It shows that  a group of children is potentially a Super Organism.  We might be dumbing down our people too much. 
Another wonderful Speaker on Ted is Arvind Gupta who makes toys out of trash.
In truth, there are spectacularly good Speakers on all kinds of subject.  It is awesome.

My Summary of Fibonacci-type series and Phi-type series.

This is my own research - a summary of Fibonacci type series and Phi type series.
Here powers of Phi (column 5) are calculated for Phi = 1.6180339887... but only to a few decimal places, for brevity.

If you click on the images, you will be able to read it all clearly.

The New Parliament House, Canberra, Australia. A Temple Pyramid!

The Calendar on my wall in June had a photo of our new Parliament House in Canberra.  My eyes were suddenly drawn to the flagpole.  It is a pyramid shape,  and an unusual one, at that!  I just had to visit and take my own snapshots.

  My photo was tilted!
The columns give the impression of a temple.
The flagpole is in the form of a pyramid.

The water feature was rather concerning-  a strong undertow pulls water into the hole in centre=  down the gurgler.  Not good for a child or doggie wishing to cool their ankles on a hot day.  I would much rather see a sparkling upward gushing real fountain.

Inside the Parliament just under the flagpole the skylight is a pyramid.

Under the skylight is a dark looking water feature with water falling over the cliff edges...

Inside the entrance are really beautiful wood inlays featuring Australian native plants, 
16 in all,  8 on each side, over the doorways


Blue Water Lilies

Emerging from Parliament House, I was surprised to see Old Parliament House, like a humble white collection of cubes at the end of the slope, with Mt Ainslie in the background. 


MORE     2/1/2015

the Canberra Code

Cracking the Canberra Code Plan by Walter Burley Griffin 19131 1024x1013 Cracking the Canberra Code
By Trevor Ward
Guest Writer for Wake Up World
"Australia’s capital and Parliament House are encoded with esoteric symbolism, hidden in plain sight. 
What are the secret meanings and what purpose does it really serve?
Cracking the Canberra Code
As a background for those unfamiliar with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), it is located in New South Wales (NSW), 280 km southwest of Sydney, with the city officially named Canberra on 12 March 1913 by Lady Gertrude Denman, the wife of the then Governor-General of Australia. The ceremony took place on Kurrajong Hill, which has since become Capital Hill. The indigenous word Kurrajong means ‘beautiful tree’.

The origin of the word ‘Canberra’ is a matter of dispute. Possibly it comes from the indigenous wordNganbira, a phonetically anglicised version meaning ‘the hollow between a woman’s breasts’. This clearly describes Canberra as a plain between the mountains, probably Mt. Ainslie and Black Mountain. There are other variations to the origin including CamberriNganbri and Kamberra, all of which mean ‘a meeting place’."

......Here you have it.  The opening paragraph of a fascinating article which you can look up yourselves in its entirety.   A circle within a circle = Canberra.  This denotes a temple.  
There was good ol' Walter Burley Griffin with his compass, drawing circles everywhere........This blogger later went to see an Exhibition at the Canberra Archives of Marion ... Burley Griffin's superb architectural drawings for the Canberra Project-  on four walls........TMV


There is also a YouTube video  - " Giza Geomantica"-  connecting Canberra,  and HAARP Exmouth in West Australia and Giza Pyramid.  Murky stuff.  But we must be aware of stuff going on.....
People do their very best regardless of the conspiracies.  The day I was in Canberra there was a feeling of excitement.  Big things happen here.  Good things could happen,  not just bad.
One lady on the bus told me wistfully that she was visiting especially because it might be the last time we can see our first Woman Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, at work.  And so it was.  That night, Julia walked out, followed by her Treasurer Wayne Swan and it was the end of an era, a short one.  She did well and many folk remember her affectionately.  She was tough and she had grace and humour.  She had a tough job and was often treated meanly by the Press and Opposition.  
So there we have it.  Government Down Under.


   This blogger would like to write a piece about some wisemen cities of olden times.  
These are Baghdad in Iraq,  Arkaim in Russia,  and   -Gilgal Rephaim on the Golan Heights in is it Syria-  I must study these.....all were built a circle within a circle.  Is it to do with the Torus?

2/1/2015  Gilgal Rephaim.....actually I looked this up today- fascinating .  5000 years old.  5 concentric circles  diameter 155 metres, atop Golan Heights,  now in Israel,  was in Syria before war......must check.  8,500 dolmens nearby.
Built by Giants, Nephilim?  Central burial place of King Og.  Og is mentioned in Bible  Deuteronomy 3 v 11.  Killed by Moses.  Knew Abraham.  they lived long in those days....
see YouTube.  Also  ref
has a lot of info.   40,000 tons of loose rock.  Built over 2000 years.  Originally astronomcal observatory and stellar calendar.
Arkaim is mentioned in The Ringing Cedars by Vladimir Megre series of books.  Anomaly area, closed by military Russia.  Was also an astronomical observatory.


There is a beautiful piece online by Stephen Otto Guth about the esoteric beginnings of Canberra.  I hope I can find it again.  You might find it on Google search.  Good luck.   It is worth it .........

***it can be found at References after Trevor Ward's  wakeup world article.  See aso ref for   SusanAKAPeacefull article re US FEMA camps  and 30,000 guillotines purchased!  sombre news.