Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tribute to Trudy.

My mother, GertrudEntrich,  was a gifted sculptress (bildhauerin).
Here are the few photos we have of her work from the late 40s and early 1950s.

Clay, plaster, wood, bronze, cement.
Mutti,  We honour and thank you and we wish to share your artistry with the world.
Australian artists TomBass. MirkaMora, MargaretOlley and JudyCassab were your contemporaries and might have been your colleagues if times had been kinder.
You departed this world aged 58 in April 33 years ago.
We remember you with love.


TomBass tribute ctd.

I think it was 1961.  Made of plaster with copper electroplated over all.
There is more story to Ethos and I need to ask for permission to write more.

I thank Dr Bass for this lovely statue which I love to visit.

Tribute to TomBass

One observes Seashells with wonder for they present as amazing sculptures of exquisite precision.  Therefore it feels appropriate to create a space for sculptors.  This is for the late TomBass who was still teaching into his 90s.  Here is "Ethos",  an angel in front of the Canberra Legislature.

to be continued...